Get Out of Debt: the Most Important Step

by : Justin Lukasavige

The most important step to getting out of debt should really come as no surprise. If you find yourself digging a whole and then notice that you are stuck in the bottom of it, the first thing that most intelligent people would do is to stop digging. The same goes for getting out of debt, although most people do not follow this advice.

If you find yourself in a pile of debt, stop digging! Cut up your credit cards, delete your online shopping bookmarks, purchase necessities like groceries with cash and stop borrowing money!

Psychologically, it is very hard to fight your way out of debt in a very short period of time if you keep falling deeper into the hole at the same time. You need to get some very quick wins by paying off as many of your smaller debts as possible. Teach yourself that the process of becoming debt-free is fun, even though it may seem overwhelming at times.

Is it realistic to live without using a credit card? Absolutely! By developing a spending plan or budget you do not constrain your family; rather you become free when you discover how much money you have to spend on each category that you define for that month.

If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, then make the decision to change. Once that decision has been made, stop using borrowing money (including credit cards) and begin tracking your spending. Use that to develop a monthly budget which is your written plan to become debt-free!