How Tough is it to Get a Credit Card

by : Andy Adams

You'll have no doubt by now heard all about how globally we're in a bit of a fix with regards to money.? At the moment (and for quite a while the Bank of England says) trying to get any form of lending is either impossible or extremely tough.

Whilst banks are not openly saying don't come though our doors and expect any loans the number of credit approvals recently dropped to an all time low, so is it impossible to get credit these days??

It is true that many people will be turned down for credit cards especially if they have a poor record so the first thing you should do is check on your own credit report.? This is done relatively easily as your credit details are held by three credit companies, they are referenced by banks and credit card suppliers when making a decision on whether you're a risk or not.?

It isn't uncommon for these companies to misreport your status, sometimes they will mix up your report with someone of the same name and they may have a shocking report.? So if you get your details held by them and they have inaccuracies then let them know and you may be able to look more favourable in the eyes of the banks and credit card suppliers.

In some cases banks are still pushing credit cards on some of their more reliable customers as they know that this person is good with money and may not use an overdraft frequently and keep themselves out of the red.? By offering credit cards to these people they are hoping that they will become responsible card users and less likely to cost them in the long run.

Whilst it may still be tough to get mortgages, loans and other lending options credit cards are still being offered and advertised on television.? The important thing to remember is that credit cards are best used for emergencies and is vitally important that they are paid off in good time to avoid crippling debts.