How to Get Zero Interest Credit Cards

by : Gordon Goodfellow

Zero interest credit cards are probably the most under-utilized way to get on one's financial feet. There's plenty of advice available on using lower interest debt consolidation loans to consolidate credit debt and reduce monthly payments. However, very rarely do we hear the suggestion that we can get away with paying no interest at all unless someone is trying to sell us furniture on a buy now and pay later basis. Yet, special zero rate credit card offers provide a fantastic way to significantly reduce monthly expenditure on credit cards as well as to get out of debt sooner.

You don't have to be a materialistic, greedy individual to find yourself overspending on credit cards. So many things can go wrong in this high cost society that can increase our credit card debt. Serious illness, emergency repairs and job loss are just a few common situations that can cause our credit card balances to soar. Most of us hope that things will get better and we will be able to catch up later, unfortunately the higher our credit card balances, the higher our monthly payments. This increasing monthly cost can keep us poor and make it difficult for us to ever get back on our feet. The largest part of our monthly credit card payments are interest charges. Therefore, it only makes sense to reduce our interest costs as much as possible and you can't get lower than zero interest. By simply transferring your credit card balances to one of the many available zero interest credit cards you will be able to save your interest charges for a given, introductory period of time.

There so many introductory credit cards available that it can be difficult to sort through them and choose the best one for your needs. It is important to choose an offer with low balance transfer fees and a long introductory period during which you do not have to pay any interest at all. The easiest way to find zero interest credit cards is to use a professional online credit card service which has already done a lot of the hard work for you by finding the best deals. These sites not only give you a number of cards to choose from, they also offer online applications to make things convenient and easy.

However, to truly make the most of zero interest credit cards, you can keep transferring the balance to new zero rate offers before the end of each introductory period. If you do this, you will never pay interest. Unfortunately, with the best will in the world, life tends to take over and we can easily forget to transfer the balance before interest payments kick in. Some of the more excellent online credit card services also offer a reminder service to let you know when your interest free period is due to expire so that you can apply to transfer your balance to a new interest free credit card offer.

Used in this way, zero interest credit cards can substantially improve your financial position. By taking advantage of professional, online services that also offer an alert to remind you when to transfer your credit card balance again you can take long term advantage of interest free credit card offers. Do this, and you'll never look back.