Where to Get Low Interest Credit Cards

by : Gordon Goodfellow

Low interest rate credit cards can immediately improve your quality of life by freeing up disposable income. In other words, instead of spending hundreds of dollars every month on credit card interest, you can have that money available to meet important family expenses. Hopefully, some of the interest savings can also be used to pay down debt so that you are debt free sooner. These special offer credit card deals have been created to generate new customers for credit card providers.

Once past the introductory period, these new customers will pay interest on the balance and add to the profits of the financial institution. Most people don't realize that they do not have to follow this pattern. There is nothing to say that you cannot continue to transfer your credit card balance to a new zero rate card at the end of an introductory period. In this way, you would never have to pay interest on your credit card balance.

Low interest rate credit cards which charge low balance transfer fees and provide long zero interest introductory periods offer the best value. When you transfer credit card balances to these cards, you will receive significant financial respite. You will benefit immediately, in the short term and also in the longer term. So it is definitely worth taking the time to find the best cards for balance transfers.

The longer the zero rate introductory period, the more benefit you will receive. Even if you plan to transfer the balance to another interest-free card, an introductory period of twelve months or more means you will not be burdened by constantly having to go through the process of finding and applying for a new card. You will only have to do it once a year and maybe even less often.

The easiest way to locate low interest rate credit cards is to use an online credit card transfer service. These services have already done the hard work of evaluating different credit card offers and present the best deals for your consideration. They also provide online credit card application facilities which make applying quick and convenient. The better services also provide the opportunity to receive a reminder when the introductory period is about to expire so that you can transfer the balance to yet another low or zero rate card. This alert service can jolt us into remembering that we need to act quickly or we will once again have to pay interest on credit card debt.

If you want a quick and easy way to consolidate credit card debt or simply reduce monthly costs so you have more disposable income, it's worth considering low interest rate credit cards (particularly if the interest is zero). Credit card debt has become a major burden to many families, especially with increasing costs of living and slow wages growth. Transferring credit card balances to low interest rate credit cards for periods of twelve months or more at a time, is a way to save on high monthly interest costs and ease stress on the family budget. If you are able to use some of your additional disposable income to reduce the credit card balance you will have the added benefit of getting out of debt sooner than you would otherwise be able to do.