Teen Credit Card Debt Statistics: What Do They Show?

by : Peter Finch

A credit card is a credit card, no matter who is carrying it, and no one is immune to the powers of this small piece of plastic that has dragged millions to the ground from incurring huge debts. Surveys conducted on teen credit card statistics show that the figures are just similar to the statistics of other regular card holders.

Studies showed that teen credit card debt statistics in the United States indicates that a lot of teenagers showed huge amounts of debt on their credit cards. This is something that should not be happening because teens have limited needs for credit.

Traditionally, teens are just allowed to use cards that are extensions from their parent's credit cards. Chances are they do not yet understand the full concept of having a credit card and the pitfalls that come with it. The teen credit card debt statistics is one tool that adults can use to educate the teenagers about plastic, its benefits and conveniences and its hazards, too.

This is a good chance to help teens understand the flow and the system of credit cards so they can start making the statistics incline towards a positive aspect. This can be done by proper education. Early on, it is important for teenagers to be educated and taught the basics of how to manage their finances in general. If they cannot understand the concept and the consequences of card misuse, no improvement in the teen credit card debt statistics will happen.

Teenagers need to understand the real value of money. They must be made aware that a credit card is not a passport to free money on which they can splurge. When they know that whatever purchases they make through the card will come back to them in the form of a bill, and when they realize that if not paid, the figure in the bill will increase rapidly, they will learn faster.

Education for teenagers about managing their finances could start by asking them to keep a record of their pocket money and keep track of how it was spent. This is hands on training and education.

One good method is to open a bank account for your teenage child and teach him/her hands on, the various aspects of managing money in the bank. As early as their teenage years, you should start teaching them how to go about with the basic transactions, and then when they are already familiar with the bank and how money is being managed, maybe you can get a debit card for them.

You can set a low credit limit on the card and teach them how to use it. This step by step approach can help your teenager understand the value of money and start to practice discipline in his/her finances at a very early stage. This is one way of working towards decreasing the horrifying figures in the teen credit card debt statistics. You can contribute to the betterment of the statistics by starting with your own teenage kids.