Miles Credit Cards -- Beneficial To Many

by : Robert Alan

Miles credit cards are credit card programs designed to offer you discounts or even free airline service based on the amount of money you earn through the credit card company. There are two basic types of credit cards that offer miles as their reward. First, you can select the most common which is a credit card offered by the airline and a credit card company together. Or, you can select a third party card which provides miles as rewards that can be used for a number of different airlines. A miles credit card should be used wisely if you are to benefit from it in all the ways that are available to you.

How They Work

The first thing to understand about miles credit cards is how they work. When you apply for this type of credit card, you will be able to use it for many reasons, both through the airlines that you have it from as well as for purchases in everyday life. As you make purchases with the credit line, you are then earning miles. Usually $1 spent equals 1 mile. But, miles do not come back at you at such a luxury rate. In other words, it may take 20,000 miles to qualify for $20. Each program will outline what the miles credit card actually provides in terms of miles.

Using Them

Miles credit cards can be used in a number of ways. Perhaps the best way to use them is to get free airline tickets. If you have a specific airline's miles credit card, you will need to redeem those miles with that airline. If you have a generic version, you will need to redeem the miles through the affiliated airlines. Sometimes, these credit card companies provide more rewards than just airline miles. For example, they may allow you to get discounts on other travel expenses as well as overall discounts on service, such as upgrading to first class.

Knowing The Terms Helps

When you have miles credit cards, it is important to know what the card is costing you. Sometimes, reward cards will have a higher interest rate that you will pay when you carry a balance on the line of credit. There may be membership fees to pay and annual fees as well. In these situations, you should compare the costs with non-rewards oriented cards and weigh the benefits that you anticipate receiving. Paying your bill in full each month will help you to avoid finance charges, which is the main negating factor when utilizing any type of rewards card. Also, know if there are any stipulations on using the miles credit card. Blackout dates can be a problem if you plan to use your miles during peak travel periods.

If you do a lot of traveling, miles credit cards will help you to save money. If you do not want to pay a lot to travel, then using miles credit card offers can help you to cut down those costs as you save up miles. These are some of the most sought after lines of credit because these rewards are significant.