Choosing Between Credit Cards With Cash Back

by : Susan Slobac

Credit cards with cash back provide consumers with an easy way to earn money when they use their card for applicable purchases. There are many different companies that offer some type of rewards program, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and Bank of America. In addition, there are variations in the terms of credit cards with cash back programs offered, for example house credit cards, cards issued by banks, and cards used for entertainment and travel purposes. Knowing the kinds of purchases you most often make will help in selecting the best cash back credit cards for you.

Cards issued by banks, such as the oft-used Visa and MasterCard, plus American Express, Discover and Bank of America, are very popular because they are widely accepted by a broad spectrum of businesses for a vast variety of purchase options worldwide. Sometimes an organization, like a college, will offer one of these types of credit cards to a group with which they are affiliated, such as an alumni association. Each of these bank's credit cards with cash back offers varies, so it makes sense to read each set of terms carefully to see if your purchases fit their requirements for receiving the rewards, and if you care for the rewards that they are offering.

House credit cards are available from certain department stores, telephone services, and oil companies. They can only be used to make purchases from that one company that issues the card, so it does limit the scope of the credit card's usefulness. However, if you consistently purchase products or services from one particular purveyor, then you can save a significant amount by paying with house credit cards with cash back rewards offers. The rewards can vary from free shipping on items to deep discounts on merchandise and services sold.

American Express cash back credit cards rewards are earned by those with this type of entertainment and travel card. With certain card offers, this card company will open a savings account in your name and deposit a percentage of qualified purchases into the account, plus they will deposit a certain amount of money into the savings account after you have used the card for the first time. This type of reward is literally cash in your bank account, which can be attractive to those who travel and dine out often.

Any credit cards with cash back offers that you are considering will require you to fill out an application. However, before you take that step you will want to check the terms of the agreement to make sure that the particular card you are considering will be acceptable in the places where you most often spend money. You will also want to determine the fees charged for the card's use, and make sure that the fees do not outweigh the benefit derived from the rewards offered.