Credit Cards~what Suits You?

by : Stephanie Weismiller

In today's changing social and economic climate, credit and debit cards play a key role in everyday living. Many of you have seen the t.v. commercial in the cafe where the steady stream of customers swipe their cards to pay and move right along until one guy tries to pay with cash and the entire flow is completely disrupted? What was he thinking paying cash? More and more people have adopted the practce of credit card comparison to find what suits your needs and lifestyle.

Whether you fit into this group or not, there is a socio-economic revolution going on around us. You can either adjust to the new wave of commerce or stick with old school cash and paper checks. Here are just some of the benefits of credit cards:

1) Safety; more and more people and businesses are not getting mugged or held-up because they know chances are there is no cash on hand, only credit cards. I know, sounds arbitrary, but true!

2) Fast and easy; let's face it, we like things done yesterday! Credit cards allow us to make purchases online and offline with ease.

3) Rewards & Bonuses; whether it is airline miles, gift certificates, rebates or points, credit cards offer a wide variety of incentives.

So what do you do next? How do you find which credit card is right for you? With so many different options, incentives, APR's and fees, it can get alittle overwhelming.

Credit card comparison is the new wave. Below is just a glimpse at a few credit cards and what they offer you.

A) Travel/Airline & Hotel: Airlines offer anything from Bonus miles after first purchases, Double miles at particiapting groceries, restaurants, gas and more to no balck-out days. Hotels offer discounts on rooms to points redeemable for free nights. Even cruise lines are getting in the mix with incentives and discounts. Travel insurance has become an added bonus.

B) Pre-Paid: For those who like to know exactly what they are spending from the get go at their own pace. Also an option for those with less than perfect credit. Offer No Hidden or Annual Fees, No Credit or Employment checks, Free to Load money with Direct Deposit of paychecks, zero liability, Cash Reward Programs and a Free Credit Bulider with Overdraft Protection.

C) Student: Ready to build that credit history? With 0% intrest on purchases for the first 6 months, no annual fees, up tp 5% cash back bonuses on apparel, gas, movies as well as redeming points for name brand merchandise or gift certificates. Also the option to personalize your card with your own design.

D) Business: For any businss small or large the benefits are truly helpful. Larger credit lines, $0 fraud liability, low APR's on balance transfers, travel and merchant discounts, personalization of your card, no pre-set spending limits to earning bonuses and points when your employees make purchases! What more could you ask for?

Again, these are just few that touch on the surface of what is offered out there for credit card comparison. Do not get sucked into signing up for a card that is not right for you. This will only hurt your credit rating if you are not approved. Take the time to research different options to find what suits your needs.