Smart Credit Card Christmas Shopping!

by : SimonDuffy

Only 38 days until Christmas! Now is the time to decide which credit card to use for your Christmas shopping. A little research and action taken now could save you money come January.

Capital One cash back & travel insurance credit card - pays 4% cash back on all purchases for the first three months. Enough time to earn cash the maximum cash back on all your Christmas shopping! You will also receive FREE annual family travel insurance if you pay for a holiday on the card, so if you're planning a Christmas break this could be the card for you.

Transferring your balance?

If you're still feeling the pinch of recent interest rate rises and need to switch your debt to another 0 per cent card here are some of the best around today;

Barclaycard offers 0 per cent on balance transfers for 14 months with a 2.5% fee of the amount transferred. 14.9% Typical APR.

Next, Virgin has 0 per cent on offer for 15 months but their balance transfer fee is 2.98% of the amount transferred. 15.9% Typical APR.

Halifax One Special is again a fantastic offering of 0 per cent on balance transfers for 12 months, Typical APR is 15.9%. However this has a 3% balance transfer fee.

If you're able to pay off your balance every month then cash back cards are probably the easiest way to get something back for all your spending.

Thinking of a loan?

If you have something more extravagant in mind this Christmas then a personal loan could be the ideal way to make your Christmas dreams come true!

Unsecured personal loans can be used for any purpose you like from financing a car, dream holiday or home improvements to just splashing out on the latest LCD TV or games console for your kids.

Unsecured loans are usually available from ?500 to ?15,000 and are not like secured loans which use your house as security on the loan should you default on payments.

If you already have credit card debt an unsecured loan could also be an ideal solution if you want to consolidate all the debt into one easily manageable monthly payment. Instead of receiving monthly statements from all your creditors and having to ensure payments are sent to these creditors you could take out an unsecured loan large enough to pay off all the outstanding credit card debts. This way you only make one payment to the unsecured loan provider every month and more often than not personal loans have much lower APRs than credit cards.