Low Interest Credit Card Benefits

by : Rakesh Nair

Are low interest credit card offers really low?
Yes, all major banks have a few credit cards for people in the prime credit market. These credit cards come with very low to 0% APR. Typically they offer somewhere between 5% APR to 0 % APR for an introductory period. The introductory period ranges from three months to a year. After the introductory period, the interest rate jumps to the current prime rate. You can benefit from a low interest offer by paying a low interest rate for the entire introductory period and save on money. For people using 0% APR credit cards, the credit extended is completely free and you can split a large purchase over a few months without paying any interest fees.

How do you use a low interest credit card?
Low interest credit cards typically come with high balance transfer rates and fees or interest rates higher than the prime rate after the introductory period. Cash withdrawals may also have higher fees. In short, you have to read the terms and conditions pretty carefully. Check for all the fees and future interest rates before signing up. To make the best use of a low interest credit card, you should make large purchases using it and pay off the balance during the introductory period. Yes, you might end up paying a small interest rate but it would be better than taking a store credit for a high interest rate. If you have a 0% INTEREST offer, then you paying nothing for the entire introductory period. Using your low interest credit card smartly during the introductory period can definitely help you to save some money on your large purchases.

0% APR balance transfer rates for low interest credit cards!
Another offer that pretty popular is the 0% APR balance transfer rates. Typically they are standalone offers but occasionally you will find them tagged along with the low interest credit cards. In such cases, you can use move existing high interest balances from other credit cards to the low interest credit card with 0% balance transfer rates and save on balance transfer rates. This will help you pay off your debt quickly and also help you save some money. There has to be a catch to a sweet deal like this, its the high balance transfer fees and high interest rates after the introductory period. Please check these fees and rates to confirm if it would be financially viable to move your debt from other cards on to a low interest credit card with 0% balance transfer rates.

What are the conditions to maintain low interest?
Though the introductory rate might extend for a period of 3 months to a year, the interest rate could be hiked up to a rate much higher than the prime rate during this period. This is typically done if you miss out on any monthly payment or if you exceed your credit limit. To use the benefits of the low interest credit card to the maximum, don't let any of the above situations occur.

Pros and Cons for switching credit cards?
To take advantage of the low interest credit cards many people switch credit cards rolling over their balances to the new ones in order to keep their interest rates low. This will definitely save you some money and work in your benefit. However switching credit cards might be a long process and frequent switching might reflect badly on your credit report. Typically you should keep some long standing accounts with prime or low interest rates after the introductory period while you switch other credit cards.