How to Compare Gas Credit Cards

by : Eric Wasselman

Main features to compare on gas credit cards are:

&bull Percentage cash back: this is one major area that special care should be taken when comparing gas credit cards. Percentage cash back on purchases can range as high as ten percent (10) and as low as one percent (1%)

&bull Other purchases that also result in cash back other than gas: increasing gas reward cards can be used to purchase other items and earn reward points

&bull APR (Annual Percentage Rate): like most credit cards, these cards offer low or 0 APR introductory rates, apart from the rates you should also check when these low rates end

&bull Balance transfer rate: check if there is a fee attached to balance transfer, or is there an introductory period where no fees are applied

&bull Annual fees

&bull Monthly finance fees

&bull Online account management

Some gas rebate cards can only be used at specific gas stations, while others do not have any such restrictions.

Different banks have varying features and benefits attached to their gas credit cards. Businesses can also apply for gas credit cards. The same comparison points are used for personal as well as business gas cards with few exceptions. Despite the type of gas credit card chosen, one thing is possible, with these cards it is possible to save while purchasing gas.

Rebates can be in the form of cash, credit statement (credit applied to your card) or other rewards. If cash is important then make sure to look for cards that actually reward you with cash.