Get Rid of Credit Card Debt

by : Michael Rasco

is an unbearably heavy burden borne by millions of Americans. The pain of this burden is often exacerbated by bed spending habits and poor money management. Twenty-three percent of Americans admitted that they had maxed out a credit card at some point in their lives. Thirteen percent said they had been at least thirty days late paying credit card bills. Considering this, it should be no surprise that, in that same year, credit card companies took in over $43 billion in fee income from late payments, over-limit fees, and balance transfer fees. Over $11 billion of that came from late fees alone. (All statistics are according to
It is time to stop the madness. To win in the struggle against credit card debt, you need but two things: a plan, and the will to act on it. Your plan may take many forms, but the first two steps should always be the same.
First, stop using your credit cards. Pay cash for daily needs like groceries and gas. This usually only requires an easy change of habit. You will find that you will spend less, as well. More difficult, but just as important, is paying cash for large purchases. If your television breaks, and you do not have enough cash to buy a new one, save up. Do you have enough cash to buy a book in the meantime? Retailers often offer store financing to help you pay for big-ticket items. Do not fall for this ploy. They will pull your credit information to determine if you are worthy for credit in their eyes. They know they can persuade you to buy complementary items and service plans as well. Even if there is no actual card, it is still an unnecessary debt.
The second indispensable part of your plan must be to pay your bills on time. Use a calendar or planner, tape notes to the fridge, have a responsible friend call you in advance, stamp reminders on your forehead - whatever you have to do to remember, do it. Paying off a large balance over time on a credit card means that you will be paying a great deal of interest. That interest is all the credit card companies should get from you. Don't worry about them, they will find a way to survive without your late charge fees coming in.
Many resources online can help you fill out the rest of your plan to . It is up to you, and only you, to stick to that plan. Your success is dependent only on the strength of your conviction. Go now, and begin to chart your course to get rid of credit card debt.