Credit Card Applications Versus Traditional Loans

by : Susan West

Credit card applications or traditional loans? Many people nowadays who have made up their minds to get involved into any form of credit are literally torn between getting a credit card or taking a loan. Their doubts are justified because each form of lending money has its upsides and downsides. Nevertheless, they coexist perfectly, giving their customers specific advantages and drawbacks.
Why do some prefer a traditional loan with its fixed limit and a steady interest rate and others chose a credit card with zero APR and various credit card rewards? Let's look at this in more detail.
First of all we will try to answer the question what sort of people would chose to take a loan. I believe these are people who stick to tradition, who believe in good, old ways. They take a loan knowing that they won't get into further debt and repay in regular installments with a fixed interest rate. You can control your finances when re-paying a traditional loan because you know exactly how much you owe to the bank.
When you chose to apply for a credit card this means you are open to new and non-traditional ways. Which is more choosing a credit card is as exciting as going to BestBuy. There are reward credit cards with no annual fee. There are credit cards with low interest rates. There are credit cards with balance transfers. And these are only some of them.
It is interesting to analyze what predetermines peoples' choices. As a matter of fact it is not their paying obligations but the profit they can get out of credit. Thus, a credit card can give an illusion of unlimited amount of money at one's disposal. And this turns to be a very cunning trap, for one day you will have to repay the whole credit with interest.
People who take a loan get only a certain amount of money which cannot be re-borrowed. This can be both a drawback and an advantage. But it gradually depends on the aim of borrowing money. Which is more, no one can guarantee that a loan does not incur any risks, for quite often terms and conditions of a loan can be violated by a lender making it difficult to re pay.
One more point to discuss is how convenient it is to borrow money. When you take a loan you need to go to a bank and fill in necessary documents. You can get credit cards online not going anywhere. What makes it even more attractive is that you can get an instant approval credit card. This means you can do internet shopping straight away!
Making a decision in favor of one of the ways of borrowing money can be on the one hand quite difficult but on the other hand very exciting. Everything clicks into place as soon as you make up your mind what is the purpose of credit. It does not matter what form of credit you chose, you should always remember that in both situations you will have to meet your credit obligations.