The Legendary Black American Credit Card Demystified

by : cynthiastewart

The legendary Black American credit card has an aura of mystery surrounding it. It has been talked about in high profile circles, and has been the exclusive posession of a select few. Here we take a look at some of the known facts about this credit card.

The Black American credit card, is also called the 'Centurion card' and it has a cool black mystical design - great enuogh to inspire a cult.

This credit card is so exclusive that it is offered to select celebrities super rich by invitation only.

The Black American credit card is the ultimate level of credit card status surpassing the platinum level by a huge huge margin.

There is no pre-set spending limit on the Black American credit card.

It is the most expensive credit card in this world with an annual fee of $2500.

Though the offer is by invitation only, it is not free to enroll, actually one has to shell out a sum of $5000 just for enrolment with the Centurion credit card.

To qualify for the Black American credit card a person must have excellent credit history and has to spend a minimum of $250,000 within 12 consecutive months.

The benefits of Black American credit card are also stellar,personal shoppers at high end boutiques, free night stays at leading hotels worldwide, personal concierge with your account and complimentary upgrades on variety of transatlantic flights are just a tip of the iceberg of benefits.

Impressed? Go ahead and indulge in some lavish spending, who knows American Express might take notice of it and invite you for a Black American credit card membership.