Gas Credit Cards - Detailed Descriptions and Benefits

by : Jagan babu vasudevan

The people owning a car face similar problems like increase in cost of fuels etc. But now, the banks have introduced a lot of new credit cards which will help us to cut down on overhead expenses in gas mileage. Most of the credit card rewards are taking on a greener hue. The gas rebate credit cards are becoming more popular because of today's high gas prices. And also because of the widening field of competitors the card issuers want to seize attention. To attract customers, they often introducing new cards with specific offers. Likewise there are also some specific gas credit cards have been introduced. Let's see some of the Gas Credit Cards issued by worldwide banks for the benefits of their customers. We can also go ahead with the detailed description of the Gas Credit Cards and their comparisons.

Discover® Open Road Card This Card offers 0% Intro APR for purchases and balance transfers for 12 months, full 5% cashback bonus on gas and auto maintenance purchasesand up to 1% cashback bonus on all other purchases automatically. Unlimited cash rewards that never expire, no Annual Fee, $0 fraud liability guarantee, easiest online account management options. The Card users can double their cashback bonus (turn $20 into $40) when they redeem for gift cards or certificates from many of the associated 70 brand name partners.

BP Visa® Rewards Card This card offers 5% rebates on all participating BP location purchases and 2% rebates on all eligible travel and dining purchases. And also 1% rebates on all other eligible purchases. There's no limit on rebates and redeem every $25 rebates for: BP Gift Card, cash, donation to the Conservation Fund.

The GM Business Card from Chase The Card users can get 3% earnings on fuel purchases at the pump, at restaurants, office supply stores and at authorized GM dealers on GM parts and service, This card also offers 1% earnings on all other credit card purchases. There's no caps and no Limits. Unlike most other reward cards there are no caps placed on earnings and earnings are not limited to specific GM vehicles. The earnings are valid for 5 full years and can be redeemed toward the latest Chevrolet, GMC, Pontiac, Buick, Cadillac, Saturn or Hummer vehicles.

The card user can accelerate his earnings with free cards for each of their employees. The customer can get a $600 statement credit every time the user purchase or lease an eligible new GM vehicle through the GM Business Choice program. New online tools such as deliver vital business management capabilities including the ability to manage financial data, set email alerts, conduct spending analysis and manage changes to user's account and download reports.

Chase BP Visa® Rewards Card This card provide earnings up to 10% in introductory rebates and also gives the ability to earn up to 5% in rebates, rebates and redemption. There's no limit to the amount of rebates the card user can earn. Every time the customer can accumulate at least $25 in rebates and the customer can decide how and when to redeem their reward. The customers can redeem their choice of a BP Gift Card or a check made payable to them and a donation to The Conservation Fund.