Tthe Simply Cash Credit Card From American Express

by : muellerduran

Are you a small business owner, looking for a great credit card? Do you want your credit card to give you the double benefit of providing vital business resources as well as the facility to earn cashback on their purchases? Look no further. Simply Cash from American Express will satisfy all your needs. A great credit card from the great American Express, Simply Cash from American express has host of other features including cashback and great business services. A look at them and you will be convinced that this credit card is for you. Discover it yourself from the points listed below:

Basic Features Highlights

* No annual fee.
* 0% introductory rate on purchases for the first twelve months.
* Low interest rates for balance transfers and purchases.
* 7.99% introductory rate on balance transfers for the life of the loan provided that the balance transfers are completed within the initial six months.
* Facility to carry a balance from month to month when it is necessary, else you can also pay your balance in full each month.

Reward Program Highlights

* The fabulous reward program of Simply Cash from American Express has the following features
* Minimum rebate of 1% on almost all purchases
* Maximum of 5% rebate on selected category of purchases
* Cashback with no limits
* Other rebates include a 5% rebate on purchases like automobile gasoline, equipment in office, wireless telephone services and other supplies.

Special OPEN (R) The small business network features

The OPEN(r) Small Business Network provides a good number of resources needed for small business to succeed and run efficiently. A brief overview of the services provided by OPEN(R) network are listed below:

* Open Savings: Saves you money on Delta, FedEx, Hertz, Hyatt hotels and resorts by using your business card.
* Online Account Management: Get a summary of your accounts, manage them, get expense management reports and track changes all online, securely.
* Small business community: Get help, ask questions, chat and interact with other small business owners
* Expert advice: Plenty of online tools, articles, insights and advice from experts in small business management. exchange information from other small business owners and experts.

In addition to the above benefits Simply Cash credit card gives you travel purchase protection, accident insurance, and special discounts from selected retail outlets. You can add as many Simply Cash credit card to your account without any fees, and can also give your employees the Simply Cash Business Cash. They can also use it to pay for qualified expenses, which in turn will earn you unlimited cashback. These features make Simply Cash an outstanding credit card for small business owners.