Choose the Right Credit Card for you

by : Devin Gilliland

The use of the credit card is now common all over the world. Credit cards are generally divided in two groups; those credit cards that are offering an interest-free period and those that don't. Who was it again that said there's no such thing as a free lunch? This means that the issuers that are offering a grace period are also charging a higher rate after the days of interest-free period expire. It is also possible that the credit card companies that are allowing a free period are also charging an important annual fee (it can be up to $150).

The future credit card owner must carefully select the card that is best suited for him. He must also evaluate spending patterns and match these patterns with the credit card type. This measure is essential to keep the credit cards costs at minimum. The cardholder can be controlled easily using the monthly credit card statement. The cardholder must decide if he wants to use the credit card for borrowing, making transactions or a combination of these possibilities. If the borrowing part is most important, then a credit card having low interest rate is more suitable. If the transaction part is more important, then the future credit card owner must choose a credit card that offers the grace period and fully pay each month.

There are many credit cards types. Debit cards are the safest form. This is not a credit card, but it is linked to the owner's bank account and uses the cardholder's money. No interests free days cards are credit cards that don't ask annual fees to pay. The owner will not receive free days for the period between the purchase date and the due by date. Some credit cards that are offering the grace periods are not offering the added benefits like reward programs or travel insurance.

Interest free day cards are requiring their owner to pay the outstanding balance in full monthly. If the purchases are businesses related, a very good solution is to ask for a tax deduction for the fees.

If the owners of a with grace period don't pay off in full, the situation can become really complicated. The credit cards are usually charging differently. At the beginning, the charging conditions seem equal, but the reality is different. A credit card that charges from the transaction date will cost double the interest compared with a card that charges the same interest rate from the date of the statement.

If the credit cards selection seems to be so difficult, let see some shopping tips:
-read carefully and terms and conditions before you accept the credit card
-make a serious research to find the that fits better to your needs
-store all your receipts and compare the charges with the monthly statement
-use protection measure to protect your credit card number against the frauds
-put in your wallet only the credit cards you need to use