Credit Card Terminal Information

by : Amelie Mag

Technology has made everything a lot easier. Every day life is simpler and more convenient. Let's take credit cards for example. POS equipment is everywhere. We are used to seeing the miracles of development in stores, restaurants, hotels and anywhere a business respects its clients and uses credit card processing. While we seldom saw a credit card terminal in the past and its performance was not equal to what it is today (it didn't support debit card transactions and was perhaps too expensive for some), new helping devices satisfy a lot of demands and POS equipment increases the positive impact technology has on your business.

The traditional credit card terminal includes a magnetic stripe reader for credit cards, a keypad and a display. It can have a printer or not and it can be built in or a separate unit. The display of a basic credit card terminal may be of different types and it is measured in lines and columns (like a matrix). Larger displays allow a better visualization and backlight displays are better for night conditions. The keypad of a credit card terminal may also vary in size and may have supplementary keys with other key combinations assigned.

While the traditional credit card terminal is perfect for some, a wireless credit card terminal is necessary in some situations. Having to leave the counter with your credit card terminal or working in temporary locations requires a wireless device for credit card processing. While for some businesses a wireless credit card terminal may be a needless expense, for a cab firm or seasonal business it is necessary. When evaluating such a piece of equipment you need to consider the built-in printer, the battery life, the range, the weight and the shock resistance. A person that uses a wireless credit card terminal is likely to have other problems than with a traditional one. It is more difficult to use heavier devices and it is very likely to drop the credit card terminal sometime if your job requires carrying it around with you.

If your business has expanded over the Internet, then a virtual credit card terminal is what you need. The virtual credit card terminal is actually software supplied by the merchant account provider. It is just as easy to use as you simply type in the credit card number and let the software handle everything.

Other features may also be appealing to you when you decide to buy a credit card terminal. Some pieces of equipment may not accept debit card payment and you may be interested in this as well. To complete a debit transaction, the client's PIN is necessary. For this you have two options: a credit card terminal which has a separate PIN pad or a credit card terminal with direct introduction. However little equipment you may want to use, a separate PIN pad will allow you to keep your credit card terminal safe behind the counter. A popular option is to issue and accept gift cards. You may also want a credit card terminal with additional forms of payment (like phone cards and EBT). The address verification system (AVS) is a standard feature so you don't want a credit card terminal that can't cut down fraud.

There is also a very new way to pay now - contactless. This method allows the cardholders not to swipe the card through the credit card terminal as they regularly would, but to hold it within one inch of a reader. There are two types of readers: peripheral and integrated contactless readers. PCRs are stand alone readers compatible with POS equipment and can be plugged into POS terminals using a serial or USB connection. Not any credit card terminal supports contactless cards as there are hardware or software limitations. ICRs however have both magnetic stripe and contactless reading compatibility. These advantageous readers are ideal for special environments, for ticket-windows and drive-throughs.

If you are interested in POS equipment (Point of Sell) then you should know its continuous development makes it is the best option for a big business. POS equipment means POS software, POS scales, bar code scanners, card encoders and readers, cash registers, check readers, terminals, PIN pads and keyboards, printers, pole displays and even complete PC-based systems. In an ever changing world we should welcome new opportunities to make our life better and POS equipment is meant to do exactly this.

So, if you own a business and you intend to have more success in the future, then you should optimize your employees' work and make your customers' lives easier. You should seriously think of getting a credit card terminal or POS equipment because this is the future and their time is now. Offering your clients everything they need and allowing them the possibility of credit card payment is one of the today's marketing rules. Besides, pleasing everyone will make your business develop a lot faster and better.