5 Tips for Finding the Best Mastercard Credit Card

by : Beth Derkowitz

MasterCard credit cards are one of the most common types, and they are widely accepted around the world. MasterCard is a method of payment, but the credit cards are not actually issued by MasterCard. Instead, the cards are issued by banks or finance companies that contract with MasterCard. The banks write their own offers, so details can vary widely depending on which bank issues the card. Here are five tips to help you choose the best MasterCard credit card for you:

1. Know your credit needs and habits. Do you use your credit cards frequently or just for emergencies? Do you pay them off quickly or carry a balance? Do you want a card for a specific purpose, such as earning rewards, building credit or transferring a large balance? Knowing how you want to use your credit card lets you identify which options fit you best.

2. Consider which features are most important to you. Depending on how you use your new card, certain features will be much more important than others. Are you looking for a low introductory APR, or is a low fixed APR more important? What about a great rewards program? Make a list of options you want and prioritize which are most important. This can help you to evaluate which card you will get the most out of.

3. Compare cards issued by several different banks. Because different issuing banks may offer very different terms and options on their credit cards, considering cards issued by several different banks shows you a wider range of available options.

4. Read the fine print. Reading the terms of the credit card agreement carefully before applying can help you to avoid unpleasant surprises later on. Be sure that you understand all the terms of the agreement, including fees, interest rates, credit limits, grace periods and rewards terms.

5. Check several sources of information. The Federal Reserve publishes a survey of credit card terms every six months, and there are several websites on the Internet that let you compare credit card offers.