How To Get Your Own 0% APR Credit Card

by : Robert Alan

A great way to do your daily business is to have all purchases put on your 0% APR credit card. The convenience is there of using a credit card, and the luxury of knowing that the amount owed will not receive any interest charged to it. In a day of high interest, you could probably use such a card, and this article will tell you how to look for the one that is best for you and how to get your own 0% APR credit card offers. Here are some things that you should look for.

You Need Good Credit

This is the primary prerequisite to getting that 0% APR credit card. Nearly all credit card companies will require either a rating of good credit or of excellent credit before they will give you this type of card. So, if your credit just is not up to that level yet, know that you can work to bring it up to that level, and then - there are rewards for you when you get there.

It Is An Introductory Offer

The 0% APR is only an introductory offer that lasts for a specified amount of time - not the life of the card. When doing your comparison shopping for a 0% APR credit cards, be sure that you compare the time period involved. It may be for as short as 6 months, a year, or even as long as 15 months.

Balance Transfer Or All Purchases

Some credit card ads that say 0% APR credit cards only refer to the balance transfer option. In other words, only the amount that you transfer from another credit card to the new one receives the 0% APR. All other purchases receive a regular rate of interest for that card. Be sure that you look carefully to see if this is what is meant by 0% APR, or if it means all purchases. Online 0% APR credit card comparison charts will usually show the items in a way similar to this: Intro APR Period and Regular APR. The regular APR, of course, refers to all purchases made after the introductory time period.

Cash Back Option

Why settle for just 0% APR, when you can even get an additional savings? More ways to save - whether it be cash, or points, definitely sweetens the pot a little bit more. Again, though, you have to look around and do that comparison shopping for your 0% APR credit card. Watch out for the need to leave a monthly outstanding balance in order to receive your cash back rewards.

Annual Fee

A rather small percentage of these credit cards do have an annual fee. It seems that they might be hoping that you don't compare the cards too carefully. This fee can go from anywhere between $15 all the way up to $135.00 (more for a business card).

Interest Rates

Eventually, the day when your rates return to normal will come. Or, typically, if you miss a payment, or are late with it, you can find yourself being charged the full interest rate. Interest rates for these kind of cards are normally low -- as long as the payments are made, on time. These rates will vary from a low of about 7.99% up to about 15.99%, depending on the particular card.

With these tips about what to look for when you're in the market for a 0% APR credit card, you should be able to find just what you need. Do your comparison shopping carefully, and make an educated decision - and keep tabs on your monthly bill, too, for any extra charges.