Instant Credit Card Approval - Fast and Easy?

by : Robert Alan

In the days before computers, you use to have to apply for credit cards in person at banks and retail establishments or by snail mail. Today, the Internet opens many doors for people, including applying for an instant approval credit card online. Even if computers are intimidating, you will find it fast and easy to apply online. Online applications are relatively simple, easy to use and require little information.


You don't have to be a computer guru to take advantage of the instant credit card approval process. As long you know the basics about using the Internet, you are well equipped to getting approved.

Whether you find an instant credit card approval using the major search engines or you receive a mail offer through email or postal services, you must first get to the instant approval credit cards web site. Once there, most card companies keep it simple, guiding you through the entire process, which is unbelievably short. In fact, you may find areas on the Internet that provide an easy way for you to compare similar card offers. Use this function to your advantage, ensuring that you get the best instant approval credit cards available before applying.

Easy To Complete

Once you've narrowed down and selected one out of hundreds of instant approval credit cards, the rest is easy. You'll only need to supply basic information - your name, address, phone number and place of employment and social security number. You might also be asked for a previous address if you've lived at your present home for a short time. Sometimes, the instant credit card approval will ask for the number of years you worked, as well as your gross monthly household income. And lastly, your social security number is required in order for the credit card company or bank to check your credit report. Credit card issuers base their approval on your credit report and FICO score.

Before pushing the "submit" button, be sure to read all terms and conditions of the card. You wouldn't want to unnecessarily have an inquiry on your credit report, as this can lower your FICO score and inhibit you if you decide to apply for other instant approval credit cards.

Approvals Made Fast

If you've completed all required information and have good credit, then there's not much left for you to do. You can expect instant credit card approval. Notification will be processed within 30 seconds or a couple of minutes either through the web site or sent to you via email.

If you don't have good credit or you're not sure where you stand, then applying for an instant approval credit card online may not be as simple. Your application could be rejected. If this is the case, then speak to a credit card representative to find out why. They may be able to offer assistance that could lead to you getting instant credit card approval after all. It doesn't hurt to ask. Often times they may just want you to provide additional information. Although the instant credit card approval process has been slowed a bit, if approved, you will still get a card much faster than the traditional method.

Instant Credit

Now that you've been approved, your new instant credit cards will be in the mail delivered to your home in a matter of days. Depending on where you received your approval, you may also get instant access to your credit line. Some credit card issues provide you with your credit card number and expiration date to use right away for online purchases.

See how simple it is? All in the same day, even the same hour, you can 1) apply for an instant approval credit card online, 2) receive instant notification that you are approved and 3) start making purchases. What are you waiting for? Get your instant approval credit card online today!