Dealing With Credit Card Debt.

by : Joseph Kenny

Left unchecked, one of the worst feelings in the world is opening a credit card statement that you know you have no chance of making the minimum repayment, let alone paying off the entire balance. Times such as these are stressful and if ongoing can cause you serious personal and financial problems. As such, dealing with credit card debt is vital. Here are a few useful tips:

Your Credit Limit

Number 1 in any understanding of your card is that your credit limit is just that, a limit not a target. In other words, while it is easy to understand why people max-out their credit cards in the first month, you need to always remember that your limit is that maximum you can use and not the amount you must use. Moreover, you should always be honest with yourself and ask yourself from time to time whether or not you genuinely believe, given your current financial position, you can repay your credit card debt. If you feel that your credit card debt is becoming overwhelming, talk with your card provider about decreasing your card limit. Keep in mind that you can always increase the limit again should things become financially more secure.

Your Credit Card APR

The APR you are paying on your credit card will be affected by what your credit rating score is. Keep this in mind and try and make sure you always keep the interest payable on your outstanding balance to a minimum by ensuring that you keep a good credit rating.

Your Credit Card Statement

If you have become afraid to receive a credit card statement then you may be equally afraid to read your credit card statement. However, this is possibly the most important time for you to be reading the statement as you may be being charged extras, such as late payment fees, which increase your account amount and thus you minimum monthly repayment amount. If you are making the wrong minimum monthly repaying as a result of what you guess the amount should be you are liable to be charged additional fees. And do the spiral continues.

Dealing with credit card debt is all about knowing how much you have to repay and how much you have available on your balance. This does not mean, however, that just because you made a repayment you have to use the credit card again the next month. Ideally you'll make a repayment and not use the card again for a while. If you are using your credit card to sustain your day to day living then the time may have come for you to consider a consultation with a financial consultant to seek other ways to manage your credit card debt so that you can get things back on track.