How To Lower Your Gas Bill Using Credit Cards

by : Joseph Kenny

It is no secret that the cost of gas has continued to increase and it appears that this trend won't end anytime soon. This has left many people looking for ways to reduce the amount they spend on gas every month. Many people may be surprised to learn that one method for reducing the cost of gas is by using credit cards. But you don't want to use just any credit card. You want to use a gas rebate credit card.

A gas rebate credit card is similar to other cash back rewards programs. When you use your gas rebate credit card to buy gas, a certain percentage of the money you spend will be credited back to your account by the end of the month. While most cashback credit cards only pay you once a year, gas rebate credit cards pay you each month. With the rising cost of gas, it is easy to see why consumers can save a lot money on the cost of gas. The percentage earned for using the gas rebate cards average at about 3%.

Many credit card companies will offer gas rebates for specific brands. Some of these can only be used at certain locations. This is excellent for somone who goes to a specific location to purchase gas. If you are the type of person who shops around for low gas prices, having a gas rebate card may not help you. If your car is running low on gas, looking for certain location to use your gas rebate card can be tedious. Because of this, many credit card companies have begin offering cards which can be used at any gas station.

These cards have become very popular among people who want to lower the cost of their gas. This is especially true if you have an SUV or truck. While most gas rebate cards will pay back the customer in the form of a credit to their account, some companies may offer gift certificates or other rewards. It is also important to remember that many credit cards have restrictions. Some cards only allow you to earn credit on purchases made at the pump instead of the counter.

Many gas rebate cards will limit the amount of credit you get back each year. Really good cards will give you a few hundred dollars back each year. Most of these cards don't require you to pay annual fees, and this is another great benefit. You will want to do your research to find the different cards available.