Bi-weekly Amortization Schedule

by : Dave Poon

People who are into a much more manageable way of paying off their mortgage will definitely benefit from a bi-weekly amortization schedule. This type of amortization schedule will go by more quickly than a monthly mortgage because if it is biweekly then the payment schedule is accelerated. You usually make 26 half payments in a year instead of 12 full payments. Should you decide to go for a biweekly amortization schedule, you will find yourself being able to compare the size, interest rate and number of years of biweekly mortgages against monthly ones.

It is then not very surprising to know that research and statistics confidently reveal that the demand for such an amortization program is indeed very outstanding. Such a side by side schedule of amortization can show you the dramatic interest when it comes to saving and speedier payoffs of frequent payments. The great results that this type of schedule shows are quite amazing. If you pay for your mortgage every two weeks, your dollar savings get compounded faster. It is also very simple to do this – you just need to input the normal mortgage information and the calculator will compute for you the biweekly schedule of payment.

If you use a tool for your biweekly amortization schedule, you are open to a lot of benefits. You can easily see how much you get to save each time you pay. You can predict how soon you can pay off your mortgages. You can even see how much you get to save when it comes to pre-tax interest over the entire life of the loan itself. Overall, you can take better control of your financial responsibilities. When you do, you will be adequately informed about your financial status and will have an easier time talking to your bank manager about any kind of loan that you wish to apply for. Every time you get a mortgage, you should utilize the biweekly amortization schedule so you will always save money, pay off your loan and breathe easier.

So what are you waiting for? If there is something out there that you want but do not know how to get it, go for the biweekly amortization schedule. You have already seen how it can benefit you and make paying off your loan easier. This then will allow you to enjoy your loan in the present. Your wallet will thank you for it.