Requirements to Apply For a Gas Card

by : Tom Tessin

Online application for gasoline credit cards has become easier than it was in the beginning. Just by submitting in some information, applicants can avail of gasoline credit cards. First, it is necessary to make the right choice for a gasoline card. An applicant needs to select a gasoline credit card based on his financial stability.

The applicant has to provide all the necessary information for applying for a gasoline credit card. This includes:

1. Address
2. Full name
3. Birth date
4. Salary

Applicants fill in all the required details in the form provided and click the Apply button. Selections of applicants having a good credit are faster. They receive their gasoline credit cards within two to three weeks via mail.

Gasoline Credit Card Policy:

An applicant interested in applying for gasoline credit cards has to follow the gasoline credit card policy. Different credit card companies offering gasoline credit cards have their own policies. Most credit companies follow a general prescribed policy without any modifications in the policy.

An applicant, interested in purchasing gasoline credit cards, has to agree to certain terms and conditions prescribed in the policy. The most important condition an applicant must possess is a vehicle of his own.

After the card application is filed, the credit card company verifies about the applicant's vehicle. The company then issues a gasoline credit card to the applicant. All details containing lists of fuel stations, emergency numbers, card procedures, mileage tickets, insurance card, and registration comes with that card.

On issuing a gas credit card to an applicant, the credit card company provides a Personal Identification Number (PIN). Applicant needs to call the Business Office of the credit card company, twenty-four hours before using the card. It is necessary to keep this PIN a secret and not disclose it to others.

An applicant might use gasoline credit cards for buying essential services under certain circumstances, during emergency. Maximum of $100 purchase is the credit limit of the card. If the purchasing values go beyond $100, the individual will need an additional consent of the Motor Pool.

If there is a major breakdown, individuals need to contact emergency numbers for more assistance. Individuals need to maintain bills of purchases they have made. If a gasoline card is lost, individual need to inform the Business Office immediately.

Individuals, who violate the policy of gasoline credit cards, receive a written warning. If this violation continues, the credit company starts the barring process of that credit card.

Eligibility for a Gasoline Credit card:

Individuals applying for gas credit cards need to fulfill the following criteria:

1. Applicant has to be 18 years old.
2. Applicant needs to be working.
3. Applicant has to have a bank account and savings account.
4. Applicant's monthly rents need to be half of the monthly income.
5. Telephone needs to be in the applicant's name.

The process of issuing a gasoline card starts once the verification and eligibility criteria process are completed. Individuals can then start making use of their gasoline credit cards.