How a Gas Card Benefits You at the Pump

by : Tom Tessin

People usually refer Gasoline Credit cards as Gas Rebate cards. A gas credit card is a kind of credit card, which provides rebate on every purchase of gas. Major credit card companies and selected fuel companies provide these credit cards.

Some fuel companies collaborate with major credit card companies to provide these cards. Gasoline credit card owners are provided with an opportunity to save money every time they purchase gasoline at a gas station.

Gas credit card owners save only a small amount of money on every purchase. However, in duration of one year, the money saved is considerable. There are mainly two types of gas credit cards. A particular fuel company carrying logos of major credit card companies falls under the first type of gas credit card. People need to use this type of card only at specified gas stations.

Credit card companies provide the second type and its usage is not restricted to any specific gas station. Every gas station provides rebate offers. Cardholders get rebates on other purchases too.

How Does Gasoline Credit Card Work?

Gasoline credit cards work in similar fashion as a normal credit card. Just as people use credit cards for purchasing groceries, gasoline credit cards are used to fill gasoline at gas stations. These gasoline credit cards earn the cardholder 6% cash back each fill. Cardholders tend to become happy after having extra cash in the wallet with increasing rates of gasoline.

Gas cards mainly function on percentage basis. Each time cardholders use a gasoline credit card, they get a fixed percentage of cash back. Gasoline cards offer a minimum of 1% to a maximum of 6% cash back to the cardholder.

Many gasoline credit cards work on point basis. The cardholders receive points on buying fuel at a gas station. In turn, they can exchange these points for dollars. Cardholders receive cash either as a credit in a card statement or through a check in a mail.

People applying for gasoline credit cards need to understand what these credit cards are and how wisely they need to use them and so on. Cardholders need to pay off money to the banks on time to keep their credit valid. Applicants can also consult credit card counselors to get more information about these credit cards.

Benefits of Using a Gasoline Credit Card:

Using a gasoline credit card is beneficial because individuals simply have to swipe this credit card at gas station and fill up the car tank. It is also an excellent way to maintain records regarding how frequently individuals spend on gas. These cards are also helpful when individuals are in far off places and do not have enough cash to refuel their tanks during emergencies. During such times, they can use gasoline credit cards and refuel their vehicle.

Some companies issue gasoline credit cards using which individuals can make other purchases too. Few companies also allow making balance transfer for nine months. Moreover, if people pay their gasoline bills on time, they get an opportunity to improve their credit score.