Choosing a Good Fuel Card

by : Amy Nutt

For a variety of reasons, from conservation to price, it's more important than ever to think about your car's fuel consumption. With the current concerns about fuel shortages and rising prices, you probably think more about the amount and expense of fuel you put into your vehicle than you used to. Because of this, many gas or petrol stations have made efforts to introduce quality fuel or gas card programs. Consumers are more aware that ever of gas prices, and every little bit of money saved is an incentive.

There are several types of gas cards available. Some are geared towards individuals and work like credit cards. Others are for businesses, and work only in certain locations or for certain vehicles. Gift fuel cards are also available in a variety of money amounts --and while a fuel card may not be the most romantic gift you'll ever give, it just might be the most useful.

Gas Card Options

Most private fuel cards work just like credit cards. You simply apply for the card online or in your favorite gas station. There are several benefits to owning a gas card, and these benefits depend entirely on the kind of card you choose. Some, such as the Discover Open Road card, work as both regular credit cards and gas cards. These cards tend to give you a cash back bonus on all gasoline or automobile maintenance purchases. In the case of Discover Open Road, this bonus is 5%. The benefit to this kind of card is that it can be used at any gas or petrol station.

Others, such as the Chevron Texaco Basic Card, offer you a 5$ per month credit when you fill up your tank using the card at least twice each billing period. This card also offers a premium plan for $25 per month. This plan works just as the basic plan, but also offers discounts on hotels, car rentals, flights, etc. Most gas or petrol station offer cards with similar plans.

Another good option when it comes to fuel cards is pre-paid cards. Pre-paid fuel cards allow you to put a certain amount of money on a card, then use it like a credit card. Similar to pre-paid calling cards, pre-paid gas cards make great gifts, and also work well for business purposes or employee perks.

Another option for businesses which pay to fuel company-owned vehicles is the business fuel card. Business gas cards allow businesses to control and analyze fuel expenses. Most of these cards, such as the Chevron Texaco Business Card, offer customized cards for each driver and vehicle, as well as itemized statements and reports to help businesses analyze and track fuel purchases throughout their business.

Whether looking for a way to pay for a teenage child's fuel, or to save some money on skyrocketing fuel prices, or to track business expenses, a gas card really can make your life easier. As fuel prices only continue to rise, the savings they offer begin to pay off more and more.