Factoring Services

by : Max Bellamy

Factoring services means managing the financial operations of an organization to achieve the objective of the enterprise. The basic financial operations are investment, which deals with acquisition of fixed assets; financing, which deals with the raising of required funds from various sources; and profit appropriation, which deals with appropriating the profit earned by the enterprise among the suppliers of funds.

Regarding investment, assets/projects are to be selected only by considering their net returns. Regarding financing it is to be ensured that the firm gets the required finance at the lowest possible cost. Similarly, regarding profit appropriation it is to be seen that sufficient fund is provided for the developmental activities of the enterprise without impairing the interest of the suppliers. In a firm where these operations are planned and controlled properly it can be said that there exists efficient factoring services.

All the operations and resources in a business organization are managed with the same broad objective, i.e., to attain the objective of the enterprise. So each resource or area should be managed in such a way to contribute to the fulfillment of the objective for each functional area. According to the objective of profit maximization the ultimate goal of a business enterprise is to maximize its profits. All the efforts of the organization are to be directed to achieve this goal.

Business is for earning profit. When profit earning is the aim of the business, profit maximization should be the obvious objective. Profitability is an indicator to the efficiency with which the firm is managed. The higher the profit, the better the efficiency. For growth and expansion, profit is the main source of finance. To meet unforeseen contingencies reserves are necessary which is possible only if there is enough profit. However the term profit is vague. It may assume different meanings in different contexts. It may be short-term vs. long-term, or profit to the equity shareholders vs. total profit. It may be profit before tax or profit after tax. It may be absolute profit or profit in relation to investment.