Causeway Mall: Your Cute Trendy Clothes Wholesaler

by : Causeway Mall

All throughout the world, there are several clothing suppliers that go into the business of supplying wholesale fashion clothing. But if you are searching for a certain cute trendy clothes wholesaler that guarantees you of quality and affordability, opt for the collection of wholesale dresses at Causeway Mall. This is a wholesale online shopping mall, which sells apparel items such as pants, skirts, dresses, accessories, and blouses. You can shop for junior ladies party dresses, sexy tops, and chic knitted blouses. Whatever style and design you are favorable of, you can find this at Causeway. Other than Hong Kong fashion clothing, Causeway is your sexy tank halter tops supplier too. This online store manufactures and sells its wholesale women's apparel internationally. Its export products reach as far as UK, Canada, and the United States.

You can thick of becoming a retailer of Japan & Korea fashion clothing when you shop for wholesale apparel from Causeway Mall. To buy wholesale clothes at CausewayMall, you just need to register for membership online. You can sign up for free at the online site of Causeway Mall. Compared to other websites, being a member will not cost you any. You can proceed to the login page of the site if you are done with the process of registration. After logging in, you can freely choose from the site's collection of wholesale fashion clothing. Put them to shopping cart once you have chosen the clothes that you prefer, and Checkout directly for payment. This online website assures you of safe and secure shopping; no card information will be stored at CausewayMall.

When you buy from Causeway Mall, your Korea online fashion store, the allowed minimum sum is US$100. When it comes to the quantity of the order, you are required to choose two garments from one color for one certain style or design. However, your preferences are not limited when it comes to the sizes of your order. The moment you finish taking your picks, all you have to do is click on “Cart Content". This will add the items of your choice to the shopping cart. When you are through shopping, go to “Checkout". This page will supply you with your account information and your payment details. On the other hand, “My Account" provides you full account details. What is more, you will be supplied with specifications such as order information, redemptions, and status of order processing.

This Hong Kong clothing wholesaler provides you with plenty of payment schemes the moment you want to settle your accounts. Your first option is through PayPal, making use of your credit card. Or else, you can settle your payments directly through PayPal. Western Union and Telegraphic Transfer (TT) are among your payment options when you want to pay Causeway Mall. No matter where you are located, USA or Africa or Iraq , Causeway Mall will ship the order to you since it operates internationally.