The Close Relationship of Vancouver and Hong Kong

by : Tony C.F. Cheung

Since decades, Canada and Hong Kong maintains a close as well as long standing trade and economic relationship. The socio-economic and trading relationship of Canada and Hong Kong can be traced back to 1928, when Canada formed its Consulate General in Hong Kong, in Exchange Building, on the Pedder Street. Indeed, Canada is regarded as one of the largest trading partners of Hong Kong. It is estimated that more than 150 Canadian businesses operate in Hong Kong, which includes firms specializing in information technology, construction and engineering, financial services, and insurance as well as intermediary services.

Apart from this, more than 450 Canadian business firms are represented by agents, distributors, and joint venture partners, which in turn have led to the formation of the largest Canadian overseas business community in Asia. Bank of Montreal, Crown Life Insurance, Air Canada, and Manulife, are just few among many of the leading as well as thriving Canadian business firms that conduct their business functions in Hong Kong. As per certain records, the turnover as a result of economic partnership between Hong Kong and Canada was C$5.6 billion in 2006. In short, it has been accounted that more than 2, 50,000 citizens from Canada happily reside and work in Hong Kong. In fact, with more than 1,200 members, the Hong Kong's Canadian Chamber of Commerce is considered the largest outside Canada.

Reciprocally, many people from Hong Kong also live and conduct their businesses in Canada, especially in such Canadian areas as Vancouver, Toronto, and Richmond. The close as well as strong relationship of Hong Kong and Canadian cities, particularly Vancouver, has led to vivacious economic partnership between two nations. Both Hong Kong and British Columbia are considered the gateways. When Hong Kong serves as the gateway to Asia, Vancouver serves as the gateway for Asian business firms to have access to the trendy markets in the North America. The close relationship of Canada and Hong Kong is further substantiated by Canada's supporting of the context developed by Hong Kong, ‘one country, two systems,' which in turn is embodied in the basic law. In addition, the Fraser Institute, based in Vancouver, has consistently ranked Hong Kong as the world's freest economy and that too for almost 13 years.

Hong Kong and Canada not only maintains a close relationship in economic as well as trading but also in schooling and education. For instance, according to certain records, one in five students from Hong Kong prefers to stay and study in Canada. Besides, many students from Canada also study in Hong Kong, whose evidence is the large number of Canadian international schools that operate in Hong Kong. This in turn has helped in strengthening the relationship between Hong Kong and Canadian people. Apart from schooling and education, Hong Kong and Canada also preserve a close relationship in sectors such as construction and food production areas.

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