Put Money in Your Pocket by Cutting Personal Expenses

by : jomark3@verizon.net

Everyone has personal expenses. But the fact of the matter is; most people spend much more money than they realize. If you ask someone to make a detailed list of their monthly expenses, they will tell that they spend about 30% less than they actually do. This unknown spending can make a significant dent in your budget.

Many of these little forgotten expenses are making it difficult for some people to make ends meet. So what can you do to reduce your expenses? Slash your expenses and change your spending habits. You would be surprised at the amount of money you can save by making a few small changes in your spending habits.

Never go on a shopping trip without having a list. Even if you only need three or four items, make a list and stick to it. Stores know that most people are prone to buying impulse items and will set up their store to take advantage of this. Don't fall for that money-sucking trap. Only buy items on your list. If you see something that you really like, pass on it during that trip and think about it when you get home. In most cases, tat impulse purchase will not look so enticing after you've thought about it for a while.

Never go grocery shopping when you are hungry. A hungry shopper will almost always buy more than someone with a full stomach. And again, if you have followed the advice in the previous paragraph and have a list, you will spend considerably less.

Always use coupons, particularly at the grocery store. Using coupons, you can easily and consistently save about 10% on your grocery bill. Over the course of a year, this can amount to a great deal of money. Develop a file system for your coupons. And most importantly, only buy items that you need now. Don't buy an item that you might use in 6 months just because you have a coupon today.

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