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The Star Laser Projector is like nothing on this Earth! Now there's no need for a clear night to gaze at the beauty and mystique of the Universe! The Star Laser Projector is a startling and mind-blowing light-show with the added bonus of twinkling little stars! There are even cosmic clouds floating about as well but don't fret they won't rain on this parade of mind blowing beauty! Imagine the ceiling opening up and swallowing the skies whole! With a constant dazzling array of spectacularly sparkly stars, you will be guided to astonishment and taken back by the breath-taking effects of this realer-than-real exceptional star-show! When you wish upon a Star Laser, your dreams come true!
Red sky at night, Sheppard's delight - Star Laser at night, your delight! Behold! The Star Laser Projector, a shimmering addition to any starless room! Big or small, wide or tall, the Star Laser Projector will fill it all! Featuring the most brilliantly bright and clear display, you and your friends will not believe your eyes and may have to wipe the stardust from them at the end of the night! The gloriously green glow that protrudes from the immaculate Star Laser Projector is complimented by the thousands of tiny random stars and blue cloud patterns it sprays!
The cloud formations look like nebular gases, and can be brightened, dimmed or removed. Bizarre! Star Laser Projector will even occasionally launch out a shooting star! Wow! What's more, there are no tricky wires, no loose cables, none of that non-magical technical business! The Star Laser Projector requires no set up, just plug the mains adaptor in, lie back and relax! The Star Laser Projector is fully adjustable and will be the most interesting and incredible light show you've ever seen!
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