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And they call it puppy love...'

Who knew a Donny Osmond lyric would have such significance? Who would have
thought that first twinkle in the eye, that first gaze across the room would
turn into your first-paper or fiftieth-gold Anniversary!

We had a family friend once who was asked what he got his wife for their
Anniversary Gift that year - she politely shrugged it off saying 'nothing',
and unfortunately that's what she got! No joke. Poor woman.

We know at Find Me A Gift that this is not the way to behave! So buy an
Anniversary Gift that he or she craves with our fabulous, sentimental and
saucy selection! Our Anniversary Gifts are guaranteed to hit the spot and
have real 'aaw'-ability.

Your woman will be wowed with an authentic Anniversary Gift from Find Me A
Gift! These Anniversary Gifts are not something you will find whilst
traipsing round your local Department Store (no matter how many sales
assistants you ask!) They've put up with your macho-talk, laughed off all
your sexist friends, picked up every last sock and are still there at the
end of the night wanting to pillow fight! Come on lads, that's some
persistence! Sharkey Feargal said it best I believe: 'A good heart these
days is hard to find', well my friend, it looks like you've found one, so to
be sure to keep hold of it, buy her an Anniversary Gift from Find Me A Gift
and ensure that exciting spark stays!

Why not style up the kitchen by buying her the divine Anniversary Gift that
is the Domestic Goddess Apron! Not only will it keep her sauce-free for
later (kitchen mess on a dress is a definite no-no boys); she'll also feel
desirably hot in this flattering and figure-fitting Anniversary Gift! (Just
don't go spoiling it by saying something stupid like 'a woman's place is in
the kitchen', we beg you!)

He loves me. He loves me not. He loves me. He loves me not. He loves me!
She'll be certain she's the love of your life, the apple of your eye, the
jewel in your crown (worth a shot!) with the blissfully beautifully Bed of
Roses - create a sumptuous and seductive vibe with hundreds of rose-petals
and scented oils. Women love all that smelly stuff so show her that you're
not all rough with a subtle, soft side!

L'amour of course is not just for l'women! Treat your man to an Anniversary
Gift he'll never forget with a unique and original purchase from Find Me A
Gift! Make both your hearts race and appreciate the masculine form with the
Romantic Surprise Massage Set, or why not indulge in a sticky and
pleasurable Chocaholics experience for two!

Adam & Eve, Bows & arrows, Chocolates & strawberries - some things were just
made to go together. So show him that you're made for each other with the
Chocolate & Strawberry Edible Body Paint Pens - brush, tickle and lick your
way to a scrumptious and saucy day and night!

There are only so many times you can kiss and make up, so these times seal
it for good with an Anniversary Gift with staying power from Find Me A Gift!
'O my love's like a red, red rose, that's newly sprung in June, O my love's
like a melody, that's sweetly played in tune'

Robert Burns' love may have only sprung in June, though your love can
blossom and re-bloom the whole year through with a spectacular and
sentimental Anniversary Gift from Find Me A Gift!

Make like turtle-doves and coo over our glorious range today!
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