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Peekaboo Pole Dancing Kit

The Peekaboo Home Pole Dancing Set is a godsend for boys and girls alike! From the Pussycat Dolls to Gwen Stefani, Christina Aguilera to Carmen Electra, erotic dancing is enjoying new heights of popularity. It's not only fantastic fun, but a very fashionable fitness aid.

The Peekaboo Pole Dancing Kit is a sexy and simple way to spice up your life. Whether you use it as a party piece or a tool of seduction, the Peekaboo Pole Dance Kit can be anything you want it to be.

Peekaboo Pole Dancing Kit can be silly or sensational, a bit of fun or an amazing fantasy, sexually empowering the girls whilst giving the boys the time of their lives. The Pole Dancing Kit even comes with a booklet teaching you booty shaking moves!

About The Peekaboo Pole Dancing Kit


NO DRILLING OR SCREWING! NO DIY NECESSARY!The Peekaboo Pole Dancing Kit comes with a Steel and Chrome plated pole in three easy to assemble pieces. A spring loaded mechanism that lets the pole extend to cover all ceiling heights up to 2.5 metres (average British ceiling height is 2.29 metres).It can easily be put up or taken down in under a minute!.

Please Note: As the pole is not screwed in, it is not designed to take the full weight of a person.

Peekaboo Pole Dancing Kit

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