Mobile Dating Facts: the Second Date

by : Jay Sanders

After you have agreed to meet with your mobile dating partner and you have successfully come out of it alive, don't think that the ordeal is over - it has just officially begun. After the first date, if that went well at least, is the second date. And that is actually more crucial than the first one. You have never really met your mobile dating partner prior to sending mobile messages and love notes when you agreed on the first date. So a casual talk in a restaurant, cafe, or coffee shop is good enough. Now with the first date out of the way, both couples are expected to beat their hearts out for the possibility of the second date. Now if you choose a bad location and the usual places, your partner would think that you think of lame dates. He or she can easily dismiss you are a boring person after all.

A date in the movies is outdated. Personally, I avoid asking for a movie date with my partner. The better dates today call for the two of you doing something unusual. Engaging in a sports activity is a good suggestion. If you two share the same sport, like bowling or golf, you might just have a good option for a second date. You don't have to be proficient the chosen sport, really. The basics would do. Nothing could be more fun than the two of you learning new things together. If sports aren't an option, you can try other physical activities like roller blades and ice-skating. A musical concert is also a good venue for your second date as well.

In conclusion, try to go for activities that are somehow energy consuming. The type of date that requires you to sit nonchalantly for a long time isn't exciting. You two are already chatting away through your mobile phones so there would always be an awkward silence once in a while if you choose to just take a stroll around the park or have afternoon tea in a coffee shop during your second date.