Adobe Photodeluxe is a Snap to Use

by : Morgan Hamilton

Adobe Photodeluxes features are easy to use and it comes with a competent help section which is really helpful for beginners. You can learn to use it by experimenting with its controls and with a bit of imagination and creativity you may come up with a decent project. With this software you can transform your photos into chalk drawings or turn colored pictures into black and white portraits.

Adobe Photodeluxe is also useful for downsizing photos from your digital camera. With the most recent computer models you can resize large quantities of photos to photo size or pixel size. You can choose to turn photos into any file type you want. It has settings for commonly used file such as jpeg and bmp and for more complicated file types used in web design.

The erase feature of Adobe Photodeluxe also makes it popular to users. This feature allows you to remove your photos unattractive background and replace it with something that is more to your liking. With a bit of imagination you can create wacky pictures by putting together pieces taken from different photos into a collage.

Repairing pictures is also a feature with Adobe Photodeluxe. While this feature can still be improved you can still do a decent job of restoring those scratched and old photos. It is also useful in adjusting the brightness and contrast of a photo.

I ran into a few problems when I upgraded my computers operating system. I found out that Adobe Photodeluxe Home version 3.1 is incompatible with Windows SP. If you also experience difficulties you should purchase the new version made or Window XP. It would a shame if you are not to be able to enjoy the convenience that goes with an excellent photo editing program like Adobe Photodeluxe.