Making A Website Work

by : Webrepairservice

I run my own beauty therapy business and was looking to find more customers so I decided to get a website designed for me. Although I was getting more clients it wasn't as many as I hoped that I would be getting. I started looking around for ways to improve my site when I came across SEO Express. This is a tool that helps to improve a websites ranking in search engine pages and therefore more people will know about the site.

SEO Express works by taking a keyword or keywords that most closely relates to what you are trying to sell. In my case I had a couple of keywords as I offer a number of different treatments. One of the phrases I used was 'acrylic nails'. With the help of SEO Express, every time someone typed 'acrylic nails' into a search engine my website was coming up as one of the top listings.

This was extremely beneficial to my business as my website was reaching customers I never knew were out there. Unfortunately, these customers didn't know I was out there either which was the problem with my original website. Although the site looked nice and contained all the relevant information, I didn't have a clue about keywords and therefore search engines weren't recognising my site and didn't display them on the search pages.

Since using SEO Express I have a steady flow of customers and someone new phones me almost everyday. I have previously advertised through leaflets and in local papers and specialist magazines but my website has by far brought me the most customers. I'd recommend any company to have one especially in this day and age. I would also recommend SEO Express because as I found out, just simply having a website isn't good enough if no - one can find it.

The best part of having a website is that I can update it with relevant changes and add and take away stuff as much as I want for free. If I wanted to change something on a leaflet it would be impossible and I'd have to distribute a new bunch which would be costly and time consuming.

My website and SEO Express has undoubtedly helped my company become what it is today. Without the knowledge about keywords that I now have I think I'd still be walking the streets posting leaflets through people's letter boxes.