Cash rebate credit card

by : Jakob Jelling

More and more companies are beginning to offer cash rebate credit cards, as customers like the idea of getting something back every time they make a purchase.

Cash rebate is for those people who prefer getting real cash rewards rather than air miles or other items. If you use your cash rebate credit card often, you can end up with a great deal of money coming back to you.

A cash rebate credit card will usually have a higher APR and fees. If you frequently carry a balance on your card then it may be very costly. However if you pay off your balance than the higher APR will not affect you that much and you can take full advantage of some great cash rebates.

Cash rebate percentage can vary but it is usually 1%. On certain purchases it can be around 5%. For example if you get a gasoline card, you may be able to earn a high percentage rebate on all your gas purchases. The more items qualifying under the cash rebate program, the better it is for consumers as they accumulate a higher rebate amount every month.

Some purchases for big-ticket items can get you a great deal of cash rebate, but there might be a cap on the maximum amount of rebates you can get. If you are making some major purchases such as furniture, find out if your cash rebate credit card supports rewards on such items. Soon you may find a great deal of rebate money coming your way.

It may be important to note how you get your reward from your cash rebate credit card. After a certain minimum limit has been achieved you can easily call to request a check. Some banks will allow the reward amount to be added to your credit card account or deposited into your bank account.

Beside considering the cash rebate, you should pay attention to other features of the credit card, such as the account credit limit, annual percentage rate, transfer fees, etc. Then you can go ahead and apply to the cash rebate credit card of your choice.