Holiday Gift Baskets - a Special Treat

by : Robert Lovelace

There is a lot to do during the holiday season and even the best organized person can feel a little over the top. One great way to shorten that gift list is to give gift baskets. It is a unique solution because it can be a hit with casual recipients or close, personal friends. If you are new to this whole idea of gift baskets and want to take the short route, explore online shops that specialize in this. When you do this it's good to remember a few important things - order early! The other tip is just as important - avoid disappointment. If it's a vendor you are unfamiliar with, contact them to confirm that the basket will contain the items listed on their site. Be sure to confirm delivery date. Another smart tip is ask friends for recommendations.

If you are giving a holiday basket to a casual friend, food is always a good choice. To make it yourself or using commercial products, consider a basket that has a good selection of chocolates, gourmet cheeses and crackers. If the recipient doesn't care for some of the items, they can always serve them at a party. Depending on your budget you could include gift certificates to a coffeehouse or pastry shop. Other items you might include could be a box of note cards or a small book of quotes. For close friends you probably have a good idea of what they would enjoy. Gourmet food items like fruits, chocolates and cheeses are all-time favorites. For holiday gift baskets, there is such an abundance of possibilities that it may be hard to choose.

There are countless ways to put together a gift basket. What's wonderful is that almost any kind of gift items can be bundled together. This makes it easier to personalize the gift. Museum gift shops are a great place to find appropriate items. Here you can find Impressionist postcards or stocking stuffers that are a nice touch. Other possibilities might include scented candles, puzzles, refrigerator magnets. Craft fairs, which are very popular during the holiday season, are also a good place to shop, if your friend has an appreciation for unique gift items. Unexpected surprises like hand carved salad tongs or sun catchers, for instance, could liven up a holiday gift basket.

It all comes together when you give it that final wrap of clear plastic. The nice thing is it doesn't hide the effect you have worked hard to create and conforms well to irregular shapes. It also helps hold everything in place and preserve freshness. You see all those gifts lying there in a bed of raffia - a cornucopia of delight. It's a very exciting effect. For an added touch, at this final stage, you can try your hand at doing a double wrap of clear plastic and sprinkling confetti between the layers. And top it all off with a fancy bow and a few streamers of curly ribbon. Be sure to include a gift card that expresses your holiday best wishes. Make it even more heartfelt with a handmade card for your personal message.