Choosing Safe Toys For Your Toddlers

by : Abby Johnson

Soon it is going to be time for the Holidays and the buying of presents and gifts do you have a toddler you are going to be buying for? There are so many toys and games to choose from when out shopping, but if your Holiday gift list has a toddler on it make sure that you are buying a gift that is age appropriate.

One of a toddlers or infants first reaction when getting their little hands on something is to usually put it in their mouth. Please pay particular care to toys that may cause a choking hazard. This would include small toys and toys that have small removable parts. Not to mention the fact that a toddler can’t really comprehend a toy that is designed for older children, they tend to get frustrated. Toddlers and infants do not have the same skills and abilities as opposed to a child of the age five.

Toddlers and infants love stuffed animals and plush toys, but be aware of small and removable items from these toys as well. Pay close attention to the construction of the toy, maybe it isn’t so hard to get those eyes or that nose off? Remember it is more than likely these parts will end up in the child’s mouth. Also, with any toy make sure that the edges are not sharp.

Electronic toys usually seem like fun but they are not suitable for small children. Children under the age of eight do not know how to properly take care of or handle an electronic toy that may have a heating element in them. Even if your tempted by a good deal, just pass it up they are unsafe for toddlers.

Most toys these days are labeled for age appropriateness, by stating not suitable for children under a certain age, they should warn against choking hazards and other concerns too. These are important guidelines to stick to even if you feel something else looks fun and your child would love it. It’s not a bad idea to read the instructions because if it is too hard to understand then certainly your toddler wouldn’t understand either.

You know that plastic wrap that many toys come in? Be very careful of disposing of that, when it’s removed from the toy it is best to dispose of it right away as it can be a suffocation threat or hazard. Also with the packaging of toys be mindful of those ties that hold the toy in place when they are displayed at the store, the twisty ones that hold the toy in place, make sure you discard these quickly as well.

The U.S. Product Safety Commission can tell you if a toy has been recalled for some reason. Even the major toy companies such as Fisher Price and Disney can make mistakes and market a toy that ends up being a hazard to young children. You can also check on toys that you may already have at home for an older child The U.S. Product Safety Committee has a website with all this information to the public at .

If you don’t have access to a computer their phone number is (800) 638-2772. If you find a toy on the recall list in your home they will tell you what to do with the toy.

In closing, pay attention to the labeling and warnings on the toys you are thinking of purchasing and also refer to the recall list and give your tot a happy, safe Holiday.