Credit Relief, Discover Some Of The Things They Do Not Tell You

by : Wycliffe Williams

Those trying to repair their bad debts and get back their financial footing face an uphill battle if it is a small business to which they owe money. Big businesses can suffer your shortcomings a bit longer because of the money and leverage they have behind them.

Small businesses do not have the luxury of long money and leverage. So they adopt a more aggressive approach when attempting to recoup their money. In addition, they have much more to lose than the big guns.

Small businesses do not play if you owe them a fairly substantial amount. They will send the bloodhounds to track you down very early in the game. Their initial letters are polite but firm. They get progressively terse if you fail to respond. The best advice is always for you to respond. Say something to them. Go in and work something out with them.

You have to remember that when you originally applied to them for credit they made you jump through every hoop. You gave in your six or so references. They had your permission to conduct a formal credit check and to perform a business check of your name.

When they found that you in fact did have previous bad credit, they insisted that you find a stable financial guarantor. Do you remember all that you went through to get this line of credit? They even had a system in place that identified you as owing money much sooner than you were comfortable with.

They called you and sent you a series of letters, all to no avail. They even sent a letter outlining a course of legal action which they did not desire to take. How about the written agreement that you signed to pay on time? Remember, it is the agreement that stated that you do not own what you purchased until it was fully paid.

The small business had a good hunch that you were going to be a problem when you suddenly became difficult to contact. Then came your excuses for non payment, your pitiful excuses. You even had the audacity to offer partial payment as a deal! The cruncher came when your rubber checks started to bounce all over the place.

When that happened they took swift action. You owed them too much money. They did not want this to drag out too long; as the longer things drag out, the more the scales tip in your favor. They are vigorously trying to resolve this issue as early as possible.

You finally take them to small claims court since they handle amounts under ten thousand dollars. There is no need for a big time lawyer as you are allowed to represent yourself and this situation will be resolved in a flash. Its best not to deal with your debt this way. Talk to them, discuss matters with them, communicate with them. After all, it is your credit that you are playing games with.