Can I Get A Free Credit Repair Kit?

by : Paul Johnson

The above question, in the eyes of most financial analysts, will bring up a plethora of feelings almost all of which would be negative. Most people believe that the credit repair kit notion is something to be avoided and that any marketing that offers a free kit to help you with repairing your sensitive credit is certainly not offering something that is a functional and realistic part of repairing credit and the like. It is certainly not the opinion of the majority of credit organisations and agencies that items like a free credit repair kit actually serve to repair your credit in the way that it should be repaired. The more conventional methods of financial repair are almost always preferred.

With that in mind, taking a look at the companies that offer a such a very useful kit for your credit often leaves a strange taste in the mouth. It is hard to comprehend that anyone would offer, free of charge mind you, a package of information or supplies that will help with determining the repair and completing the repair of a person's credit. This is something that often takes years, and yet someone is offering this type of help for free. It seems a little too hard to believe and, in most cases, it is. There are rare exceptions in which someone has actually used free credit assistance to get their credit in order, but one wonders about the validity of those so-called results as well. There is simply no way to know for sure.

What Is A Kit To Help You With Repair?

A free credit repair kit is a kit that promises to help with getting your financial record straight. Credit repair is a term that is used to refer to a systematic process that can rehabilitate a person's credit and make them worthy of credit once again. This process is generally started by getting copies of a person's credit reports and checking them over for errors. The credit repair process also includes checking over the credit reports for possible omissions and misleading pieces of information. From this point, the corrections necessary are suggested and a formal dispute process is begun. This process, of course, assumes that there are errors in your credit report to begin with.

Now, most of the free credit repair kit samples merely demonstrate how to do this process. The kits themselves contain templates for documents such as letters to your credit company to obtain your credit report, letters to your credit company to request the deletion of incorrect or erroneous charges and problems, and letters to your credit company to request the addition of positive credit. Again, the free credit repair kit assumes that there are errors on your credit report. The whole foundation of this kit is based on that possibility, but if there are no errors than you are back where you began.