The Importance of Using Student Credit Cards Wisely

by : Morgan Hamilton

Student credit cards can be a source of temptation for college students. Young adults can be easily tempted to buy unnecessary things with their credit card, even if they do not have the money to pay for it. Eventually the balance they charged for their shopping sprees must be paid back.

If a college student is unable to pay the full amount within a certain period of time, interest will be charged. Credit card companies charge interest at a percentage of the over due balance. For instance, if a student has a $100 balance and the credit card company charges a 15% interest rate, the student now owes $115 to the credit card company.

The interest keeps adding up and eventually the student may end up paying only the interest, and their credit card balance is never going to be paid off. That is why the parents of college students should first explain the proper use of student credit cards to their children, before they allow them to get credit cards.

There are also a few things that should be examined before students choose a particular credit card. It is important to check the annual fee of student credit cards. An annual fee is a lump sum that some credit card companies charge to their credit card every year.

It would also be wise to look at the interest rate and other fees of student credit cards. There are cases where the interest charges can send a credit card over the limit. This will cause extra fees, and the student will be unable to use the credit card. Students should pay attention to the different terms and conditions of student credit cards, so that they can determine the particular credit card that is best for them.