Bad Credit Auto Loan Refinance For You

by : Nazir Hussain

Your interest loan rate totally depends on your credit score. A good credit score entails you to lower interest rates while a bad score can put you under high interest loan rates. Now if you have a bad credit and take up an auto loan then you ought to pay a high annual percentage ratio. It is most essential for the person with bad credit who is paying a high monthly installment to refinance his car loan to lower interest rate.

If the general prevailing ARP is 6%, a bad credit score can struck you at 21% to 24%. These people always have a thinking that they cannot just get out of this high interest rate as this thinking is fixed onto their minds by the dealers. But they can always switch from high ARP to a lower ARP using Bad Credit

Auto Loan Refinance.

Real world auto refinancing example let us consider an example of car loan. Suppose you borrowed $20,000 for 48 months for your new Toyota. Consider a familiar situation. Suppose you had a bad credit or no previous credit. Due to bad credit score you were charged more APR than you would have paid. The dealer took your approval for say 21% ARP. You start paying off your car loan for a few months. But then refinancing came to your mind.

You got your car loan refinanced with another lender at 6% APR Real world auto refinancing example
Suppose you borrowed $16,500 for 60 months on your new Honda Accord. Lets assume your credit was bad, or you had no previous credit, or the dealer lied about your credit and charged you more APR than you should have paid. This happens quite a bit. Greed is good. Suppose the dealer "got you approved when no one else would" at 21% APR for a 60 month car loan. Sound familiar? So you start paying off your car loan for a few months, then refinance your car loan with another lender at 6% APR:

Your current payment at 21% APR would be: around $446 and total interest on car loan: $10,282
Your new car loan payment at 6% APR is: around $319 and total interest on car loan: $2639
you save $7,643 Send in an extra $50 monthly principle more than the $319, and your loan will pay off even quicker.

See how powerful auto refinancing can be for you? Most people have no concept of the time value of money, and just how bad high interest car loans are for your bank account, and what a difference 1% makes. That $7,643 is better off in your bank account, not theirs. Of course your actual APR would depend on your credit rating. Not everyone gets the 6% or lower APR, but I am sure it is got to be lower than what you are paying now.

It is a myth that if you make your own credit report your credit score will drop. Lenders take advantage of this ignorance to charge you higher interest rates. Before being tagged as bad credit loan taker, you must check and

Repair your credit account.

So with a bad credit, auto refinancing is one of the best ways out to decrease your interest rates. Refinancing of auto loans must be done at an early stage because with car loans, the interest is mostly paid in the earlier payments. If you refinance during the first couple of months of a car loan, you save more money.

So if your credit score is below the minimal level and you are paying a high ARP for your car loan, do not keep on applying for auto loan refinancing option just to get rejected, instead apply to a bad credit auto loan refinancing lenders. Though you have bad credit, you got a car loan and pay somewhere around 21% for the bad score.

You are punctual for a couple of month and then you start shopping around for auto loan refinancing. The best part of this is that you are increasing your debt but just swapping one car loan for another car loan with less APR. The ARP cannot be brought down as low as someone with good credit score, but definitely can be reduced to as much as 10% less. You can also send in extra principle to buy down the APR and pay off your car loan faster.