Can Credit Counseling Help You Get Out Of Debt ?

by : Ken Black

Credit counseling may be able to give you the information you need to get out of debt. Credit Counselors may be able to help if you are faced with serious consequences as a result of debt problems. Consumer debt or what financial companies call bad debt is on the rise. People are finding more than ever that they are faced with serious consequences as a result of their debt problems.

There are many reasons why many people may find themselves in this type of situation, including not knowing how to properly budget and keep track of their finances and being lured into signing up for easy credit from companies that offer high interest buy now, pay later types of credit.

For those who are faced with growing debt concerns, it can be a scary situation and many people simply do not know where to turn or how to obtain the help that they need from a reliable source. Credit counseling companies specialize in helping people with serious debt issues to overcome their problems and get their bills repaid on fair terms. As well as help you get out of financial distress, they also teach their clients how to avoid putting themselves in trouble again.

Lets explore the signs of being in serious debt, what credit counseling companies offer their clients and how they can help you with your money problems.

Telltale Signs Of Debt Problems:
For those who are concerned about whether they are headed for severe financial problems or those wanting to confirm their sticky financial situation is indeed serious, here are a few of the telltale signs that you are in serious consumer debt and may need help:

If you are only able to afford the minimum payments due on your credit cards and often let your every day utility bills slide past the overdue date or if you have no savings and contingency funds available to back you up in an emergency, you are likely to be having debt problems.

Additionally, you may be buying things such as food or paying your regular bills with your credit cards rather than using cash, your money is gone before the end of the week or well before payday and your credit cards are very high or even maxed out. If you are noticing that these things have become common in your everyday life, it is very likely that you are in serious distress.

As well as the above mentioned problems, you may also notice other things, such as being declined for credit or your checks will often bounce on you and you have creditors calling you for payments that are past due.

Often, when this type of thing happens, we feel a little ashamed of ourselves for getting in such a bad situation. Instead of asking someone for help or seeking advice, we are more likely to hide the situation, especially from people we are close to, such as a spouse or family members. By hiding your debt problems, you are only delaying the inevitable. You need to face these issues head on.

Who To Turn To When Debt Gets Too Much?
Often, people are confused and frustrated when faced with serious bill problems. They do not know what to do, or worse still, they even may consider bankruptcy as an escape from the dire situation they are faced with. What many people forget about bankruptcy is that they are often still left with debts even after they have gone bankrupt.

Bankruptcy will also leave a black mark on your credit report for as long as seven years. This means that you are unlikely to be able to get credit for quite a long time or if you do get a creditor to lend you money, it is likely that you will have to pay the highest possible interest rates allowable. All of this can be avoided by getting some helpful advice from a reliable source.

Credit counseling companies are qualified financial professionals that work with people who are in debt to help them work out their outstanding debts. This is done by the credit counseling company speaking with the creditors and with you to come to a fair agreement that will allow you, the person who is in debt to pay back what you owe in a way that is more affordable. Many creditors prefer this method, as they are more likely to receive their money, even if it is less money than they are owed.

Credit Counselors are also better equipped to work with credit companies, making it easier to get a better deal on interest rates and negotiate fair terms or discounts. This is because they have dealt with these types of credit companies before and know how to make the creditor feel assured that they will receive their money, as well as assist the person in debt to make payments on time and to a prepared schedule.