The Ins and Outs of 0 Balance Transfer Credit Card Deals

by : Derek Smiley

No matter where you are in life, there is chance that you might face a mounting credit card debt. While sometimes this situation is unavoidable, it is still possible for you to get out of it with a minimal amount of trouble. A 0 balance transfer credit card may be the answer, this is where the debt from one credit card is paid off with another credit card and at a great rate, this might be a solution that you wish to consider, but it is not an avenue to take lightly!

One of the reasons that people might suffer for years under credit card debt is because of the high balance. Interest rates can rise over time, especially after the introductory rates are null and void, and you might find yourself paying as much as 25 percent over the original amount owed.

Because of the high interest rates, you might want to consider another credit institution that will have a lower rate overall, preferably 0 apr for 6 to 12 months. If you can charge the debt from one credit card to another, you will find that there are certain situations where you can pay off your debt at once and still have a lower monthly payment.

The first thing that you need to do is sit down with a calculator and all of the prospective paperwork in front of you. Figure out how much you will pay per month with your current and make sure you take into account any possible rises in the interest rates. Then think about the new credit card and figure out what your payments will be with that one. All of this math, while tedious, can help you make a decision

Be aware of the fact that in an attempt to lure new clients into the fold, some credit card companies offer worry-free balance transfers and will even install a grace period where payments are unusually low. If you know that you will shortly be having a windfall where you can make the most of this window, or if your debt is almost paid off anyway, this may be something you need to consider, but be very aware of what will happen when the grace period is over, in other words watch out if you take a 0 balance tranfer credit card deal.

Similarly, you should be aware of any penalties that you might incur when you are doing a balance transfer. There might be some withdrawal fees or there might be a termination of service fee that needs to be paid.

Your best weapon when you are considering 0 balance transfer deals is the knowledge of your account. You cannot allow yourself to be unaware of where your money is going from month to month, and one thing you can try is a consultation with a representative from the credit card company you are considering transferring to. Have them help you map out what your payments will be like over time and see if it is something that you can commit to.

When you are considering a 0 balance transfer credit card deal, you can help speed up the process by which you get out of debt. Keep in mind that there are many things that will affect this process and make sure you know what your rates will be from month to month. If you can do this, getting out of debt with a balance transfer might be your road back to financial solvency.