Debt Reduction & Credit Cartiond Consolid

by : Gregg Hall

If you have experienced a loss of job or an injury it is very easy to become over loaded in debt. This is something that happens to people everyday. They get hurt, get laid off, or go through a divorce and end up using credit cards to make up for the cash they don't have and end up in debt that they find hard to get out of. Using credit cards like they were cash is not a wise solution and with the high interest rates they charge you will find it difficult to get them paid back. If you have found yourself in this situation then this article will give you some help on getting out, if you aren't there yet, maybe it will prevent it from happening to you.

As I said above it is never a good idea to use credit cards to get through tough times or even as your own form of debt reduction. The high rates will just take you deeper into the abyss of debt and make it harder for you to get out. For most people that file bankruptcy or looking for help with debt consolidation it is credit card debt that caused the problem.

If you are in a program of debt reduction, self imposed or otherwise, you need to concentrate on figuring out ways to lower your cash outflow and the amount of bills you have to pay. Credit cards will do the exact opposite; they will increase your bills and make it even harder.

Here's an example that we can look at: If a family has bills including their mortgage, insurance, car notes, and other miscellaneous expenses that adds up to over $2300 per month is there any possible way to reduce this? There are a number of ways that one could look into to accomplish this, one way is to look into a mortgage refinance that will help us refinance the home mortgage and bring the other bills into it for one low payment. One of the advantages of doing this is that the mortgage loans are typically lower interest and in many cases may be written off on taxes.

If you take the time to look around you will find loans that will give you cash back, loans that you can take out against the equity in your home, loans like the one above that will allow you to combine everything into one low payment, and many other options.

Just about any debt you owe can be rolled into one payment or at least combined and reduced but anything like utilities, cable, cell phone bills and the like will have to be paid separately. You may be surprised at how much you will be able to reduce your monthly payments with a debt consolidation loan.