How To Get An Instant Approval Credit Card - Fast

by : Joseph Kenny

Many things in our lives these days are fast, and that makes for great convenience. We like our food to be fast, our lines to be short, our cash to be instantly accessible at an ATM, and service to be quick. Our TV programs need to be solved in an hour, or two for a movie. Now, your approval on a new credit card can also be given quickly, too. By going online, and filling out your information at a secure site, you can often get your response within minutes. Here is how you should choose which instant approval credit card you want.

You Need Good Credit

Before you apply for an instant approval credit card, you should check to make sure that you have good credit, or even better, excellent credit. If it is less than this, you should probably not apply because it will probably be rejected. Applying for too many credit cards will be reflected on your credit score - which could hurt you in the long run.

Select The Rewards You Want

The first thing you want to look at is the type of rewards that are offered. You may already have one in mind, but you should choose one that will do you the most good. If you travel a lot, you will either want a gas card, a hotel card, or an air miles card. It you are a student and have good credit, select a student credit card that will give you the things you buy the most - movie tickets, CD's or DVD's, amusement parks, clothes and more. If you are a good student, look for one that gives extra points for good grades.

For those who are in their car a lot, there are also driver's cards. These not only give you points for the gas that you buy, but some also give points for car maintenance. In addition, some of them will allow you to use your points toward the purchase of another car - new or used.

Look At The Introductory Offer

On most credit cards, there is an introductory offer that can last anywhere from three months up to 15 months. You want to look at the length and apply for a credit card with an offer that lasts as long as possible - especially if you are going to transfer any balances. Get an instant approval credit card that has no fees for balance transfers.

Also, find out what the normal cash back percentages are. This will typically be anywhere from 1 to 6%, depending on different types of purchases, and which credit card you get. Remember, the higher the return - the better.

Consider The Interest Rate And Fees

Choose a credit card with as low an interest rate as possible. Your credit score will determine the actual credit rate you get. This rate, however, is for the interest that you will pay on any balances left on the card each month. Also look to see what fees there are, and do a comparison of other offers to get the best.

Once you apply for your instant approval credit card online, you may even be able to have your response in a matter of minutes. If there should be any question about your credit score, they will contact you to resolve the question before a credit card will be issued. After you are approved, you will probably receive it within a week.