Credit Cards, Friend Or Foe

by : Stephen Morgan

OK as has been said before, the Festive Season approaches, the time of year when we all end up being slightly silly at the Office Xmas Party and then wake up the following morning wishing the night before had never happened.

It is also the time of year when the majority of the Open Wallet Surgery in our lives takes place and we end up funding next years Skiing trip for the majority of Credit Card Company executives the world over.

So the question still remains, how do you get the best out of your little pieces of plastic without resorting to cutting them in two?

Friend of Foe? We are not too sure about Credit Cards and their exact benefit / damage to our Society. Sure we all like the convenience of not having to haul large bundles of cash around the place and yes it does make buying that last little special item at Christmas a damn site easier. However, unless you want to try and hide your head totally in the sand and pretend that everything is rosy it would be slightly naive not to try and think that the rising levels of bankruptcies and out of control credit / debt management situation around nowadays would also have something to do with the abundance of these little pieces of plastic and the ease of getting credit nowadays.

There is a story doing the rounds that is widely credited to Dr Gregg Dimkoff of the Seldman Scholl of Business Studies at Grand Valley University and it is about a TV Interview held by the TV Host Larry King where he allegedly interviews Satan on his TV/Radio Show. I stress the point here that this is a joke and that no one should be under any illusions of the great Beelzebub himself ever making a live appearance of prime time TV or Radio!

Anyway, King asks Satan to describe the foulest deed that he had either ever committed himself or had arranged to have carried out by one of his minions? Satan thinks about this and then points out that with so much chaos, death and destruction carried out in his name over the eons, it would be hard to try and single out one single item since there had been so much. King is however persistent stating that yes with so much evil around it must be hard but there must be one dastardly thing that he was proud of. Satan thinks for a moment and then said well if you must push me there is one evil thing I am proud of; the day I invented Credit Cards!