Rebuiling Your Bad Credit With Secured Credit Cards

by : Joseph Kenny

Secured credit cards can rebuild your bad credit only if you show a historical improvement to your payment history. A secured credit card is one that is prepaid; as long as you maintain a positive balance then a positive history is created.

Can a credit card improve bad credit? Can something inherently bad become something good? However, the consensus of most honest financial advisors is that debt is a disease. An ongoing radio commercial announced that credit card debt is the third largest debt growth area amongst Americans. It states that the average credit card debt is $10,000. Apparently Americans have a serious disease and it is not getting better. Some advertisements promise debt consolidation, whereby a large amount of credit card debt from many credit cards are rolled into one credit card debt. The only improvement is that there is one address to send monthly payments.

There is nothing really good about debt. Americans have been convinced by retail salesmen and the banks that to have good credit one must have a solid credit history through credit cards or credit accounts. A solid history means more than the fact that you have consistently made payments on time without failure. The credit card companies and the banks evaluate your spending tends, the debt load over time, your savings history, checking deposit history and actual check spending history. This personal information is felt by these institutions to be proprietary, belonging to the institution because of their unique methods of collection, rather than belonging to the individual who creates this activity. Debt is bad because it gives total strangers control over your life. It teaches you that spending all of your cash assets is fine, there is no limit or bounds to spending, it is acceptable to owe vastly more money than you make or will ever make.

A credit card, if it is the only credit card you possess, could start improving a portion of bad debt only if you liquidate your current debt in a steady, reliable manner. This will only show a history of reliable payment. As I have already stated banks and credit card companies are not interested only in your reliability, they want the "juice" off of the advanced credit you have obtained. This means they only want you if they can get their interest in a regular and steady manner.

This is not the same as pay your debt regularly until it vanishes. They want you to remain indebted permanently but repaying them in a timely manner. If you are debt free you may not be judged to be a good credit risk. This is the state that underage children and young adults find themselves whenever they attempt to secure a credit card. Simply stated, good credit doesn't mean what it did just fourteen years ago. The protections afforded the consumer since the Depression of 1929 no longer exist.

The Financial Laws passed through Congress in 1992 allowed banks, insurance companies (especially health insurance companies) investment firms to handle banking, insurance and investment operations. Laws passed after 1929 had prevented banks from insurance and direct stock exchange trading, likewise insurance companies could not pursue banking operations or stock exchange nor could stock exchange companies pursue insurance or banking operations. This freedom was granted without the subsequent protections of the consumer included in these new laws. There currently exists no single body of consumer law. The private citizen must fight the triumvirate of bank,insurance and stock exchange through the court system for his own right to privacy. Remember a credit card is not the way to improve bad credit; it is a quick way to obtain bad credit!